As a software developer I see a lot of interesting projects requests. The first web project I did began in the spring of 1993 just days after the first graphical web browser was released. Since then I have created, served and managed numerous web sites.

A majority of my experience creating web sites is using Microsoft products including IIS, ASP, and SQLserver. I also build, support, serve and manage web sites running on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). I have been building, serving and managing WordPress web sites since 2009.

In September 2018 I decided to take a deeper dive into WordPress. I have invested significant time learning more about WordPress. WordPress has seen major changes and improvements since I started to serve, support, and manage WordPress sites in 2009.

In order to get up to speed on all of the changes in WordPress, I decided to attend a series of WordCamps. A WordCamp is a one, two, or three day conference focused on all things WordPress. The WordCamp experience has given me a new perspective on WordPress and the Open Source Software community. Here is the list of WordCamps I have attended…

  • WordCamp Los Angeles 2018
  • WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019
  • WordCamp Phoenix 2019
  • WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019
  • WordCamp Phoenix 2019
  • WordCamp Orange County 2019
  • WordCamp Atlanta 2019
  • WordCamp Europe 2019 (Berlin)
  • WordCamp Las Vegas 2019
  • WordCamp Phoenix 2020